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"they fried me yung they said ‘how ya glasses stay on ya face if ya ears is at the top of ya shit’ eem the teacher was dyin"



sorry i havent really gotten around to posting lately, ive been busy adjusting to life back in arizona and its hard to find time between friends, work, and myself. but im still keepin up with music when i can and putting all the good tracks in my head to upload here!

heres a main attrakionz song with another cloudy and heady beat by friendzone, and its called “women we chase”. sort of a track to like…talk about all the hoes and speak to em a little bit. mondre and squadda are kinda reflecting on life and how they pull bitches and all that. lots of kush vocabulary and bootys and yellow bitches and all that. enjoy! you can get it off friendzones soundcloud here!

Squadda B

—Black Hoody Rap


Squadda B - Black Hoody Rap